Our Services

  • Solution Design and Consultation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Software & Hardware Installation
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Technical Support

Solution Design and Consultation

Westec team can provide you with all the accurate information you need to help you making a decision on choosing the right products and solution. We can offer you the benefit of comparison, technical specification, and recommendation so that you can easily make your spending cost effective.

Quality Assurance

Should you need any installation work or repair for your existing system or new cabling, our technician teams are professionally trained to perform good quality finishing works for you.



Software & Hardware Installation
Westec engineers, electricians, and technicians will install at your site anywhere in Cambodia. At each installation we will work closely with you to ensure minimal disruption to your operations as well as meeting your schedule.

Preventive Maintenance
Westec provides periodic maintenance to ensure that your system is continuously working properly. Our maintenance team schedule visit on a regular basis to tackle any problem before it occurs.



Technical Support
We are seriously committed to make sure your system work at all times. From customer service to top executive, Westec takes great pride in building long lasting relationships with each of our customers. We push harder to our limit, we will deliver the right supports and solution, whatever it takes, so that your business will not be interrupted.