Security Alarm & Home Automation

Westec offers a leading intrusion detection products and systems the protect you and your valuable asset from unauthorized intrusion, fire, and other hazardous event. With our latest technology in security, we can automate and monitor your home 24/7 by remote monitoring with our Central Monitoring Station (CMS).


Central Monitoring System

You never know when an emergency might occur, prepare your business by making Westec Security part of your contingency plan. Look to Westec’s commercial security alarm systems and monitoring solution for the leading technical support system. Our advanced Central Monitoring Station (CMS) are staffed around the clock by trained professionals. If a crime or disaster strikes, you can be sure that Westc support team will be the first to contact you with assistance. Our CMS is designed to provide 24 hrs monitoring of:

  • Intrusion and fire alarm
  • Elderly SOS emergency services
  • GPS Tracking need.


GPS Tracking System

Today, robbery and personal security are issues that concern all of us. Westec GPS tracking systems brings a cutting edge technological solution to resolve these issues by preventing crime from happening. Now, Westec GPS tracking systems allows you to track the exact location of your valuable asset at any time and from anywhere in the world. The GPS tracking system can also be used for fleet management to deal with large number of vehicles, increasing profitability and security in your company by reducing fuel costs and operational time.






Alarm Connection and Monitoring

Remote alarm systems are used to connect the control unit to a predetermined monitor of some sort, and they come in many different configurations. High-end systems connect to a central station or responder (e.g. Police/Fire. Medical) via a direct phone wire, a radio network (i.e. GPRS/GSM) or an IP path. In the case of a dual signaling system two of these options are utilized simultaneously. The alarm monitoring includes not only the sensors, but also the communication transmitter itself. While direct phone circuits are still available in some areas from phone companies, because of their high cost and the advent dual signaling with its comparatively lower cost they are becoming uncommon.


With a CENTRAL ALARM MONITORING STATION, the alarm signal is transmitted instantly over your telephone line or through GSM wireless transmission to our CMS CENTRAL ALARM MONITORING STATION. Upon receipt of the emergency signal such as Burglary, Fire, Medical Emergency Call, etc., our CENTRAL ALARM MONITORING STATION’s (CMS) computer immediately displays the response procedure(s) for the emergency, whereby our CMS Officer verifies the validity of the signal, then proceeds to notify the relevant authorities or dispatch our own RESPONSE OFFICER to the location of your alarm(s) to investigate. Receipt of the signal, evaluation and response all takes place in just a few moments’ time.

Emergency Call CMS is the latest intelligent receive alarm report system through network, which is specially developed for the elder, orientation, emergency help etc. It can be widely used in many situations, such as for the elder, network reporting alarm, emergency dealing, monitoring the elder’s activity in the family, charity institution, rest home, welfare home, hospitals, restaurant and recreation ground, etc.


Westec has a team of skilled engineers to help you design your ultimate solution. We will work closely with you to ensure that the solution meets your present and future requirements as well as being technologically relevant and cost effective.