CCTV Security System

Video Surveillance

Use CCTV cameras to:

  1. Capture video evidence.
  2. View live video for security confirmation.
  3. Act as a deterrent to criminal activity.

HD Analog Cameras

720p HD and 1080p True HD Cameras
Westec can provide high definition (HD) analog cameras that are 720p or 1080p. Now you can get HD video over your existing co-axial cables - no need to run new cables. All that is required is to replace your standard definition cameras with HD cameras and replace your DVR with an HD DVR.



IP Cameras

IP cameras connect directly to your network and can provide higher resolution than HD analog cameras. Some models even contain intelligence at the camera for things like license plate recognition, facial recognition, etc.

cording System

There are a number of different options for recording video from cameras. For analog cameras you can use a DVR. For IP cameras you can use an NVR or for larger systems use server computers and VMS software.